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Banks, Edwin A, 1846 - 1921

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Welcome to the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website. This website is dedicated to finding the unusual, obscure and otherwise near impossible needle in the haystack gem. To find that hidden family tree nugget, use our completely free family tree search engine. New records are being added weekly.

For those of us who have been doing genealogy for any length of time, we know about vital records (birth records, marriage records and death records [BMD]). We've utilized census records, church records (baptism and marriage), land records and court records (wills and probate). Some of us may even have looked into military records, cemetery records, immigration and emigration records, naturalization records, city directories and more. We still may find ourselves against that proverbial brick wall. Where might that hidden genealogy nugget be hiding that might help you break that brick wall in your genealogical research?

We have all used whether we have a subscription at home or used it at the library. We may have used, Fold3 , Genealogy Bank or even OneGreatFamily. You can explore your DNA to find your ancestry. Discover your Family History at This is a newer genealogy website, but a very good one to explore. Here at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets, we try to find records which have not been indexed or which are not available for free and make them available. Start seaching now through our completely free family tree search engine.

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What about those hidden nuggets tucked away in some small historical society, library shelf or other facility? Perhaps they provide a clue to break that brick wall. This website seeks to find and index unusual or previously un-indexed records. It makes these indexes available on-line free to all. Its purpose is also to promote historical societies, libraries and other facilities which maintain and makes these records available to the public. The information returned from our searches is usually not the complete information contained within the original document or artifact. Most of the time additional information can be obtained by referencing the originals. We urge you to support the facilities listed here by joining their respective organizations and visiting the facilities in person.

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Check out our Monday blog posts for some new and unique genealogy record indexes. These record indexes are unlikely to be on the standard genealogy databases. Many of these indexes have been produced right here at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets. After being published on our blog, these records will eventually be added to our free ancestry search engine. Some of the recent indexes produced here include school registers, which can be used as a census substitute for children around that pesky missing 1890 United States Census.

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